Analytical Science with Instrument Validation

MSc in Analytical Chemistry with Instrument Validation

The MSc (Post Graduate Diploma ) in Analytical Sciences with Instrument Validation is a 90 credit, 18-month full-time programme. The course is industry focussed to address scientific skills gaps within the Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical, Food, Beverage, Water & Healthcare sectors. The MSc is designed with Industry to upskill graduates with a science and engineering qualification to become specialised in the area of Analytical Science.


Upon successful completion of the MSc, graduates will have an advanced knowledge of the disciplines of analytical science allowing them to lead their company’s quality validation programmes in instrumentation. They will be qualified to assess the potential of new analytical technology within an industrial environment and implement this technology using quality validation methodology. Graduates will have advanced research skills enabling the continued growth of R&D and innovation in Ireland. This programme is aimed at those wishing to upskill in the latest developments in advanced analytical techniques and method/instrument validation. Thus, providing a strong talent pipeline for industry, combining knowledge, skills and expertise in advanced analytical techniques focusing on separation, detection and characterization of the material, is essential. The programme will have a strong quality validation focus, producing graduates with an expert knowledge of quality validation methodologies. The programme places great emphasis on professional development, communication, management and leadership skills, all of which will allow students to develop their career aspirations.

The Department works closely with the University’s Careers Services in development of professional CVs for students, providing both on-line and one-to-one CV preparation techniques and workshops. Interview preparation and mock interviews are also part of workshops delivered in conjunction with the Careers Services.


Programme Structure

The programme places significant emphasis on student learning. It adopts a practical, hands-on, approach to learning, where all modules are fully assessed using continuous assessment methods. There are no formal end of semester written examinations  and this ensures students will learn by doing from the first module to the last. This 90 credit programme is delivered over three 30 credit semesters. Each taught semester has a number of modules as outlined below. The Industry Related Research Project takes place in Semester 3 of the programme where students can be placed in industry to complete an industry related project and submit a thesis on this project .



CHEA9002 _Separation Science (10 credit) 
CHEA9001_Advanced Spectroscopy & Process Analytical Technologies (10 credit)
CMOD8001_Professional Development and Communication (5 credit) 
CHEM8014_Management and Leadership (5 credit)
CHEM9002_Strategic Quality Management (10 credit) 
CHEA9003_Structure Elucidation & Bioactive Molecules (10 credit) 
CHEM9001_Environmental Legislation & Standards (10 credit) 
CHEM8015_Industry based Analytical Research Project (30 credit)


Department of Physical Sciences

The Department of Physical Sciences at MTU is an amalgamation of the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Physics within the Faculty of Engineering and Science.
The department has been delivering major award programmes for over 20 years in the area of analytical science. Over 60% of the department’s graduates work in the regional BioPharmaChem & MedTech sector and as a result, the department has very strong linkage within the regional industries where there are ongoing skills gaps for analytical science and quality validation roles.



This programme will be delivered in a blended (online & on-campus) format over two semesters starting from September 2022. Taught modules take place in semester 1 (September - December 2022) and semester 2 (January to May 2023). The project module takes place in semester 3 (September - December 2023). 


Entry Requirements:

Applicants should have a level 8 qualification in a Science or Engineering discipline with a fundamental understanding of scientific method and subjects, in particular a basic level of chemistry. Applicants with a level 8 qualification in other disciplines or a level 7 in a Science/Engineering discipline AND extensive relevant industrial experience or training may be considered via the University’s recognition of prior learning (RPL) policy and process. For further details regarding MTU's RPL process, please contact and see further details:



This programme will be delivered in a blended format from September 2022 



Free or 90% Funded
Fees do not apply to applicants who meet the criteria under the Springboard+ initiative. Visit for eligibility criteria.

The combined Diploma (60 credit) and Certificate (30 credit) in Analytical Sciences with Instrument Validation offered by Springboard leads to the MSc qualification from Munster Technological University.


International Students: 

Applications are welcome from International students who wish to participate in the programme. 



Visit  to apply or email your query to Departmental Administrator Grainne O'Keeffe ( or Course CoOrdinator Dr Ambrose Furey ( [contact (087) 9116110, 9am-5pm, Mon - Fri]

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