Part-time (ACCS) Courses

Part-time Major and Minor Award programmes:

The department has a suite of part-time programme offerings in the areas of instrumentation/control and quality assurance/validation. Modules with a significant lab element are generally delivered on-campus at bishopstown and require attendance on a regular basis, either weekly or fortnightly over the semester. 

Provisional timetables for part time programmes can be found here

Instrumentation & Process Control

Quality Assurance, Data Analytics & Validation

Short Courses for Industry

The department has extensive experience in the delivery of programmes in a number of areas related to: quality assurance and quality management, instrumentation measurement & calibration, process control & automation,analytical chemistry and environmental monitoring. we would would be happy to discuss tailored-programme delivery requirements relating to specific industry sectors.
For further details, please contact: donagh.omahony @


Please check online timetables for the latest information regarding timetables:

***Please note that these timetables (online) are provisional and subject to change, especially in the first 2 weeks of semester***


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